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PLURAL uses technology and data techniques to pool together Restaurants, Cafes and other Food Retailers so that they can leverage their power as a consortium to increase their income and lower their costs.

By joining PLURAL you are joining a network of small businesses that work together to achieve success for one another. By working together, the consortium is able to increase your income by:

  • Lowering your takeout packaging and raw material costs

  • Lowering the fees that you pay to platforms like Grubhub and Uber Eats

  • Monetizing your brand collectively with your peers

  • Enhancing your reputation in supporting less advantaged businesses

Requirements & Cost:

There is no charge to join Restortium as long as you are the owner of a local Restaurant, Cafe or Bar

At present, these offerings are only available for businesses in the United States

Owners must be open and willing to collaborate with all peer businesses, e.g. LGBTQ+ businesses, Women and Minority Owned businesses

The process

The process for joining is outlined below


Get in touch to register your interest


Create an account and fill out the questionnaire to help us understand where we can save you money


PLURAL will place you into the network so that you can benefitting from the offerings right away


Get saving!

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